Modular Systems (Rigging Sets)


Modular Systems (Rigging Sets)

Maximum flexibility thanks to modular design

Air cushion modules are individual air cushions mounted on bearing plates that can be operated manually from a control console. A system consists of 4 to 6 modules of the same size. These can be positioned anywhere under the load.
The modules are connected by supply hoses to the control console, which in turn is connected to the compressed air network or a compressor.

The standardised air cushion module systems are mainly used to move heavy loads, e.g. delivering machines, or for occasional transport requirements. They can also be fixed permanently under loads as running gears.
The systems are available in a variety of sizes with load capacities from 500 kg to 600 tons. Loads weighing several thousand tons can be moved by combining several systems.

Air cushion planks operate on the same principle as the modules, but each plank can be configured with 2 to 4 air cushions. As the control console is mounted directly on the plank, there is no need to lay separate connecting hose. The planks are connected to each other in series.

The air cushion modules offer many advantages over heavy-duty rolls:
  1. heavy loads can be moved easily
  2. complete freedom of movement (including rotations)
  3. easy handling
  4. easy handling
  5. low surface pressure means no floor damage

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